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We are not a broker. Let our team of prearranged, discount pricing dealers save you hundereds, if not thousands, of dollars on special, VA Member pricing. Our team will help your employees and members:

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Vehicle Advantage is not open to the public – only through our partners. That means you can provide valuable member benefits to your employees or members at no cost to either party! Learn more about the benefits of our services...
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Vehicle Advantage, based in Minneapolis, MN, is an employee benefit company for corporations, charities, and member groups nationwide. We make vehicle buying easy by doing it for you and saving you money in the process. We were founded in 1998 to provide hassle-free, exclusive vehicle discounts when you buy or lease a vehicle. With more than 15 years of experience, we help our partners get the very best prices in all of their vehicle buying needs, one vehicle at a time.
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